American dollar is firm, and Mexican peso reached its lows


While the president-elect Donald Trump is looking for his own fight with China, promising its trading partner to reveal the truth about their manipulations with currency, other partners of the USA are suffering from the uncertainty.

Economists from across the world are warning Donald that his measures can lead to the problems with the international trading system, and growth at the global market.

Meanwhile, Mexican national currency – peso has reached its lowest position this Tuesday. The main cause of this decrease is Trump’s attacks on the famous automakers which were building their products in Mexico and then exported it to the USA. He forced many of these companies to change their plans for investments in this country.

Yukino Yamada, the Daiwa Securities main strategist, says that it looks like Trump has made Mexico his main target, and now this country is suffering from the lack of new investors in such a short time.

Peso has its ups and downs before, but after the USA elections, it continues to fall down. Yesterday it lost few more percent. Since the Republican nominee was elected as the new American president, peso has lost almost 16 percent of the value against the dollar.

Even Canadian dollar almost lost in its price because of Donald’s attention to re-arrange their trading deal and bring the new tariffs on the export-import with the USA. After a while, it managed to recover, but with the new conference today, experts don’t know what to expect.

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