Asian markets returned its gain

Asian stocks went up for the third day in a row, while global markets are waiting for the news from today’s conference for the president-elect Trump.

The ex-president Barack Obama has made his last speech only yesterday with the touching confession to his country and his wife. Now it is the turn of president-elect Donald Trump to tell something as great and to calm down investors and markets.

This Wednesday Asian market has experienced the two-month high increase, while Wall Street is standing frozen. Investors are trying to predict the consequences of today’s conference. Everybody expects that Trump may give some hints about the promised taxes cutting, new fiscal policy, the position of the USA towards the international market, etc.

His presidential campaign was built on the promises to cut some taxes for national business owners, to give more money for American infrastructure, boost the shares on the Wall Street, and make dollar stronger. After the elections, national indexes went up only following the promises of Trump, without any evidence of his intentions. And now, when there are only a few days left before his inauguration, investors are worried whether these promises will be implemented in the real life.

Meanwhile, the European markets have another problem with Brexit and banking systems of countries- members of EU.

Spread betters expect that after small gains last Tuesday, today markets of the EU will open lower. They believe that British FTSE will lose 0.1 percent. The same situation will be for the German DAX and French CAC.


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