• BTC 4,272.11$ (-14.33)
  • ETH 130.67$ (-14.28)
  • XRP 0.43$ (-12.51)
  • LTC 32.23$ (-11.92)
  • XMR 63.38$ (-14.53)

Author: Kashif Nadeem

February 7, 2018

NEO (NEO) Has No Reason to Panic

Markets were panicking. But NEO (NEO) $115.22 +25.10% and other major cryptos have no reason to panic. Every time technical analysis shows markets are bottoming out, a new round of liquidation drags prices to new, previously unthinkable lows. Many are asking if the bubble is bursting, if this is the end of cryptocurrencies. Look at everything … Continue reading “NEO (NEO) Has No Reason to Panic”

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January 12, 2018

IOTA (MIOTA) Has the Tech But Not Enough Buzz

According to Wikipedia, IOTA is an open source distributed ledger focused on providing secure communications and payments between machines on the internet of things. IOTA uses direct acyclic graph technology instead of the traditional blockchain. What is Direct Acyclic Graph? Direct Acylic Graph or DAG, is a complex mathematical and computer science way of saying … Continue reading “IOTA (MIOTA) Has the Tech But Not Enough Buzz”

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January 12, 2018

REQ: The Coin to Watch in 2018

With hundreds of ICO’s and new coins popping up on every exchange from South Korea to the United States, it can be hard to dig through the false promises and shady schemes. With the promise of revolutionizing markets, insane returns and being the next “bitcoin”, every one is hoping to hit gold. Currently sitting at … Continue reading “REQ: The Coin to Watch in 2018”

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