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Lisk (LSK) Sitting at #19 in Coin Market Cap – 2018’s Projections

Lisk (LSK) is a project oriented to Javascript’s developer’s integration into the Blockchain paradigm.

Even though a lot of people expressed their concerns about using a language that is “weakly typed” according to the Dev Community we can quote from Max Kordek on their project website we extract the following statement:

“We chose JavaScript because it runs literally everywhere, is extremely popular & widespread, and has huge companies like Google or Microsoft working on its speed and security across a wide range of devices. Therefore, its ever increasing developer base and ease of access played a huge role in that decision.”

Max Kordek, Co-founder of Lisk (LSK).

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Now, through their decentralized network, working on a Delegated Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm.

The concept of Delegation present in Lisk (LSK) envisions having 101 mainchains activated and delegated worldwide, where every user can participate in choosing which can bring more to the table and vote for them.

This raises the financial interest for this coin, since if mainly adopted by users we will see big companies applying for that mainchain position since only they will be able to collect the mining rewards.

Market Analysis

On average, the crypto market throughout 2017 saw cycles of 170% gains. Lisk (LSK), despite gaining through market quota, doesn’t want this ramp to lead to nowhere.

Downwards trends which led to slides of around 26% in average affected no more Lisk (LSK) than the rest. But this has a silver lining:

In other words, after everyone commits their Nest Eggs created during the holidays we’ll see a retraction of the market while everyone’s holding their assets. Whales in the crypto investing community will see this as an opportunity to chip in on all of their favorite Altcoins like Lisk (LSK) with a discount.

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This will lead to the next outburst following this holiday’s cycle. If the predictions for a trillion-dollar market are as near as we expected we might see Lisk (LSK) at as top 15 coin within the next 3 months and see LSK price go up to as high as 45/50 USD.

This also has a catch, what goes up eventually comes down, even if on a wider scale we can still make a profit, slides are always expected. My predictions are that after New Year’s we’ll see what some will call a bubble pop, others will call it a correction of the market whilst other’s will see it as the true Christmas Sales.

What’s in store for 2018

With Lisk (LSK) currently sitting at $8.15 USD and with a #19 position on CoinMarketCap we could see major gains in 2018.

I have said before in previous opinion articles that an inflation in the market value is expected during the month of December.

This is mainly due to the most recent outburst on the crypto market where Lisk (LSK) also grew not only through new partnerships but from market quota as well.

With the addition of the growing social media coverage and frenzy surrounding Bitcoin, this month foreseeable gains are ahead. For a more extensive explanation visit:

Lisk (LSK) ranked as #19 in capitalization which was a big step but they intend to stay on point and plan for 2018.

Team behind Lisk (LSK)

Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows, the co-founders of the Lisk Foundation, envision a platform-based blockchain structure.

Directing its project to JavaScript developers, Lisk (LSK) now represents a big choice for developer’s community. For the past years in web-development Javascript represents one of the most proliferating coding languages worldwide.

The interest for Decentralized Apps (DApps) is rising as rapidly as crypto’s market capitalization. If Javascript developers really start to see interest in Lisk’s Framework then wide usage is expected.

A place where developers feel confortable developing Dapps will eventually be mainstream. Lisk (LSK) aims to create this environment, that if succeded will without a doubt reflect on its price.

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