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Privacy Policy and Conditions News “Oracle Times”

News Agency “Oracle Times” publishes this privacy policy and terms of use to avoid any misunderstanding and conflicts with visitors.

1. Visitor should not affect and interfere with the operation of the site or access information published on this website, other than via a standard interface.

2 visitors using the site should comply with the current legislation of Ukraine and conditions of use. If the administration finds violations site visitor uses at the site or the law or the conditions of use of the site, it may suspend or completely close the visitor access.

3. When creating your own content to the site, the user is prohibited in any way call into question the territorial integrity of Ukraine, to call for violent change of government, conduct propaganda of violence, gender, racial intolerance, as well as intolerance and discrimination based on sexual orientations. Also, you may not use profanity in comments. If these conditions nesooblyudeniya user can be denied access to the possibility of commenting, or to the whole site.

4. The collection and use of personal data:

4.1 Personal data – is information or set of information about an individual who is identified or can be identified.

4.2 visitors to the site may be asked to enter personal data such as name, email address, phone number, birth date, gender, and register online through social networks such as such as Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, google + Oracle Times may appeal to the visitor requesting other data.

4.3 When you register on the site visitor agrees administration inofrmahentstva Oracle Times to the processing of their personal and registration data. If a visitor decides to give his personal data, he thereby gives consent to the transfer and storage of data.

4.4 Information Agency “Oracle Times” reserves the right to collect data on site visits or connections that pass through the site. This information may contain information about Internet connections, bandwidth, date and time the duration of the user on the Internet.

4.5 Personal data of visitors used to facilitate use of the site visitor account of their interests and benefits of the implementation of editorial policy and to analyze user behavior, including work with contractors in the area reklamy.Personalnye data used in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine “On Protection personal data “,” On information “,” On advertising “and” On Telecommunications “,” On entrepreneurship “,” On protection of information in telecommunication systems “Heat Sun 2.5-010-03 ‘requirements for information security WEB- page unauthorized access “and the charter Ltd.” agency Oracle Times “and the internal regulations of the agency.

4.6 Information Agency “Oracle Times” reserves the right to retain personal information indefinitely.

4.7 site server temporarily registers the domain name or IP – address of the visitor's computer, and the date of access, files (file name and URL), the HTTP response code and the website from which the visitor came to the site , the number of bytes transferred during a session.

4.8 When working site uses a cookie. With these possible identification by a browser. These files may be storing user preferences and other information. People can set your browser to refuse all cookie files or notified of their shipment. Cookie files are used to make the site safe, secure and convenient. Cookie files provide support for security features and launch them. Files and cookie to track violations of privacy policy and terms of visitors. Files cookie helps estimate the number and frequency of requests and identify and block those visitors or devices that attempt to perform batch download information from the website.

4.9 With the help of Google Analytics “Agency” Oracle Times “collects statistics on site visits, such as information on visited pages, page views, information has been downloaded, the domains ISPs and the country of origin of visitors, as well as information on how to your site agency, etc. None of this is linked to by a person and is measured only in aggregate.