• BTC 3,565.10$ (-0.33)
  • ETH 117.18$ (-0.04)
  • XRP 0.32$ (-0.62)
  • LTC 31.04$ (-0.24)
  • XMR 44.73$ (1.46)

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Ripple XRP Bitcoin BTC Price
March 16, 2018

Does Ripple (XRP) Need Bitcoin to Survive?

Ripple (XRP)–We are entering the third month of price depression in the cryptomarketplace, following an unprecedented price run that took total market capitalization from 300 billion USD to over 800. As the price of Bitcoin, Ripple, and almost all currencies struggle with 50-80% losses in value since their most recent all-time high, it’s pertinent to … Continue reading “Does Ripple (XRP) Need Bitcoin to Survive?”

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