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February 25, 2018

Why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is in Trouble

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is in trouble. It’s perhaps the most controversial cryptocurrency ever. Just stating the name online can spark heated debate and flame wars. But now BCH is in a technical crisis. BCH was thought of long before August 2017’s hard fork of the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. Its origins are the Bitcoin block size … Continue reading “Why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is in Trouble”

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December 11, 2017

Bitcoin Cash – Huge Controversy Likely as CBOE Mulls BCH Futures

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) seems to have been forked under what is perhaps the luckiest star in the digital currency universe. Literally, no altcoin has ever accomplished what Bitcoin Cash has in its so far less than six months of existence. Dumped immediately after a last-minute launch in August, BCH floundered at approximately $325 up until … Continue reading “Bitcoin Cash – Huge Controversy Likely as CBOE Mulls BCH Futures”

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November 16, 2017

Around the Crypto World November 16, 2017

Bitcoin (BTC) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Square Sarah Friar went on Mad Money to talk with Jim Cramer @JimCramer about Square’s move to now let users purchase, sell, and store Bitcoin in the Square app. Jim Cramer seemed to think this was great news announcing, “Bitcoin Lives!” and referenced CME decision to create a … Continue reading “Around the Crypto World November 16, 2017”

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