• BTC 5,490.05$ (-1.96)
  • ETH 165.14$ (-5.63)
  • XRP 0.30$ (-7.48)
  • LTC 72.59$ (-7.2)
  • XMR 66.19$ (-5.9)

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Ripple XRP Price Takeoff
November 25, 2017

Steps for Ripple to Achieve Mass Market Appeal

Ripple (XRP)–It’s been a good year for Ripple. XRP, the altcoin that prides itself on securing the future of bank to bank transactions, is currently trading at 0.2540 USD, up from half a penny to start the year. More importantly, Ripple has a total market cap value of just under 10 billion USD. That’s good … Continue reading “Steps for Ripple to Achieve Mass Market Appeal”

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