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May 15, 2019

Crypto gaming companies taking off in Australia

Australia has seen some major changes in the way it treats online casinos over the past years. In 2017 they introduced regulation that caused a number of online casinos to seize offering their services within the country. The regulation basically banned casinos based in Australia from offering their services to the locals. Followed by a … Continue reading “Crypto gaming companies taking off in Australia”

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March 25, 2019

AI-Enabled Crypto and Fiat Payment Solution Bitenny Launches Token Presale

Despite widespread innovation and technological development over the past couple of years, the biggest problems with cryptocurrencies today are the same as they were back then. It’s safe to say that most people who are going to adopt cryptocurrencies for ideological reasons or as speculative investments have already done so. Unfortunately, those groups haven’t pushed … Continue reading “AI-Enabled Crypto and Fiat Payment Solution Bitenny Launches Token Presale”

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February 19, 2019

Can Crypto Replace Cash? 

Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, people have been interested in buying them. As the years went by with the release of other coins the interest has grown. The release of Altcoins – alternative coins to Bitcoin, the “sales” of Bitcoin dropped, but the overall interest in buying has increased. Regardless if you’re … Continue reading “Can Crypto Replace Cash? “

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February 7, 2019

Reasons For Supporting Crypto In 2019

All crypto enthusiasts and even novice investors and potential crypto users know that 2018 was not the best year for the digital assets. The market has been plagued by a bearish trend that refused to let go, but there’s also some good news. More significant voices in the cryptosphere have said that 2018 was simply … Continue reading “Reasons For Supporting Crypto In 2019”

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December 19, 2018

The Top Niche Affiliate Areas for People New to Crypto

Affiliate marketing and crypto are growing in tandem and beginning to overlap in some areas. As a result, some affiliate programs are beginning to be more specialized to include cryptocurrencies. Yet, there are definitely some niches that are better than others for people who are new to affiliate marketing, and we’re going to rank the … Continue reading “The Top Niche Affiliate Areas for People New to Crypto”

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November 23, 2018

Eidoo: the Blockchain Asset Experience to store and convert digital currencies on the go

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, the blockchain market has been growing at a staggering rate. In addition to the potential of the technology itself, we have seen a motor for change, the beginning of a revolution in the way in which goods and services will be exchanged in the future. We believe that … Continue reading “Eidoo: the Blockchain Asset Experience to store and convert digital currencies on the go”

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November 23, 2018

ARYZE and AmaZix partner to bring stability to the crypto market

With the crypto market currently taking a bearish turn, the race is on to find solutions to help stabilise this often turbulent market, and give cryptocurrencies the legitimacy that regulatory bodies have recently called into question. Even recently, the International Monetary Fund announced that digital currencies are likely to play a legitimate role in our … Continue reading “ARYZE and AmaZix partner to bring stability to the crypto market”

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November 9, 2018

How Regulators Treat Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Ever since cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based projects become not just a dark web twist, but a concern to governmental organizations, banking institutions, and regulatory authorities, things in the transparent DLT market have become more complex, unpredictable, and even controllable in some cases. If you’d go back to the years 2016, and 2017 and observe the … Continue reading “How Regulators Treat Cryptocurrencies in 2018”

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November 8, 2018

Hackers Managed to Use 6,000 South Korean Computers for Crypto Mining

SEOUL – THURSDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2018 – The Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau announced that a group of five hackers led by 24-year-old Kim Amy Gae promoted a list of over 32,000 emails injected with crypto mining malware targeting 6,000 computers in South Korea. According to the official report, the hacking group managed to … Continue reading “Hackers Managed to Use 6,000 South Korean Computers for Crypto Mining”

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October 9, 2018

PureVPN is the Top Choice to Buy with Crypto

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology have revolutionized the finance industry and also the way in which we purchase services and goods. The interest in emerging technologies is continually increasing, and more and more businesses began adopting the use of digital coins by integrating payment options that support cryptos. This fortunately also applies to VPN services … Continue reading “PureVPN is the Top Choice to Buy with Crypto”

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