• BTC 4,015.91$ (-0.28)
  • ETH 136.69$ (-0.72)
  • XRP 0.31$ (-0.74)
  • LTC 59.90$ (-1.87)
  • XMR 53.69$ (0.09)

Tag: cryptocurrency markets

December 21, 2017

Go Hard on Ripple (XRP) Today or Go Home

‘Money never sleeps,’ is a saying that was popularized by Gordon Gekko in the Wallstreet series of movies. Well, I am not Gordon Gekko but I will predict that from this moment henceforth, ‘Ripple (XRP) will not sleep!’ We are pretty much done with saying Ripple is the next big thing. Ripple is the biggest … Continue reading “Go Hard on Ripple (XRP) Today or Go Home”

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