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  • LTC 31.45$ (-3.37)
  • XMR 45.14$ (-2.06)

Tag: DPoS

February 27, 2018

Could EOS (EOS) possibly overtake Ethereum?

So, let’s go right to the point of this article. Can EOS (EOS) overtake Ethereum (ETH)? The answer is simple, yes. But will it? Perhaps, and I will show you why. According to Coinmarketcap, EOS is the actual 9th largest cryptocurrency with its market capitalization reaching nearly 6 billion at its current price of about $8.15 USD … Continue reading “Could EOS (EOS) possibly overtake Ethereum?”

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December 15, 2017

Ark (ARK) – Push Button Blockchains at 61% Completion – Big 2018 Coming

Ark (ARK) is very persistent in achieving SmartBridge adoption on the rest of the market. The concept of being able to connect to Ark’s blockchain through the addition of a simple snippet of code makes every project connectable amongst them. Recent surge in price may be a glimpse for what is coming in 2018. Ark … Continue reading “Ark (ARK) – Push Button Blockchains at 61% Completion – Big 2018 Coming”

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