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Tag: Envion

May 28, 2018

Top 3 Most Successful ICOs of 2018: Bankera, Elastos & Envion

After 2017’s success in the ICO space, 2018 seems to be an even more successful year regarding this trend. Coinschedule reports that there have already been more than 300 ICOs this year and only in March, the amount that got raised was of $2,944,545,007. Unfortunately, ICOs are also a minefield with lots of scams among … Continue reading “Top 3 Most Successful ICOs of 2018: Bankera, Elastos & Envion”

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March 3, 2018

Only A Fool Would Ignore ENVION (EVN)

Envion (EVN)…Even the name shouts out Environment Conservation. I got drawn to the ICO a while back through one of these random conversations on Telegram. At that time, I did not have any Ethereum to spare to buy into the ICO. I was simultaneously knee deep in another ICO that recently completed its funding: Bankera. It … Continue reading “Only A Fool Would Ignore ENVION (EVN)”

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November 16, 2017

Envion (EVN) ICO – Should you invest?

Envion (EVN) – Announced November 2, 2017, Envion hopes to be the “World’s Most Profitable Standard of Self-Expanding Crypto Infrastructure”. EVN is just one of many new ICOs attempting to focus on tokens with payout rather than forcing miners to create coins through mining. Envion aims to be different while at the same time staying … Continue reading “Envion (EVN) ICO – Should you invest?”

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