• BTC 10,146.43$ (-2.15)
  • ETH 189.97$ (-1.5)
  • XRP 0.27$ (-1.42)
  • LTC 73.34$ (-1.67)
  • XMR 80.52$ (-0.87)

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What is TRON TRX cryptocurrency
March 4, 2018

TRON (TRX) on Bittrex and Upbit. Now What?

TRON (TRX)–Investors in TRON were finally rewarded this week after the currency was listed on two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. After a steady decline from an all time high of 0.30 USD to start the year, TRON has been hovering in the 0.03 – 0.05 USD range. The listings provided an initial boost to … Continue reading “TRON (TRX) on Bittrex and Upbit. Now What?”

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