• BTC 10,146.43$ (-2.15)
  • ETH 189.97$ (-1.5)
  • XRP 0.27$ (-1.42)
  • LTC 73.34$ (-1.67)
  • XMR 80.52$ (-0.87)

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Litecoin LTC Up 40%
February 15, 2018

Why Litecoin (LTC) Is Destined to Overtake Bitcoin

Litecoin (LTC)–Charlie Lee’s sudden selloff. Litecoin price dropping from 380 USD to 150 USD. The launch of Litepay and Litepal. It’s been an interesting couple of months for Litecoin. Long heralded as the “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold (an analogy propagated by founder Charlie Lee), Litecoin is in a prime position to become a popular and … Continue reading “Why Litecoin (LTC) Is Destined to Overtake Bitcoin”

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