• BTC 10,413.44$ (-3.02)
  • ETH 221.24$ (-4.13)
  • XRP 0.32$ (-2.4)
  • LTC 97.56$ (-4.35)
  • XMR 83.75$ (-2.51)

Tag: icx

June 6, 2018

ICX Price is Finally Green – Korea Customs Service will use Icon’s Loopchain Technology

Icon entered a successful partnership with Line messaging giant in May, and now the company is taking another step ahead. It seems that the Korea Customs Service will use Icon’s underlying technology called Loopchain. It signed an MOU with Icon and more companies. The great thing is that after the announcement ICX’s price went in … Continue reading “ICX Price is Finally Green – Korea Customs Service will use Icon’s Loopchain Technology”

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February 22, 2018


IOTA (MIOTA) –  has been a big name in crypto for a while now, but has not actually seen the levels of increase in price like some of the other, more popular, altcoins. The hype that Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as the news, has created, is what I would call a … Continue reading “IOTA (MIOTA) Strong”

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February 21, 2018

ICON (ICX) – The Blockchain of all Blockchains

ICON (ICX) – Nowadays there are multiple different blockchain projects that have been made for specific tasks: Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer currency – Ethereum as an ICO platform and Ripple as a global banking system. ICON’s main purpose is to connect blockchains altogether, therefore hyper connecting the world. ICON is a Korean-based platform. While almost … Continue reading “ICON (ICX) – The Blockchain of all Blockchains”

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February 13, 2018

Is ICON (ICX) too Big to Fail?

ICON (ICX) – Is ICON to Big to Fail? Some believe that wanting to connect everything is too much for one company to handle. This is a concern that is justifiable. In some ways what Icon is trying to accomplish can be considered a huge endeavor. So is ICON’s idea to big. Investing in any … Continue reading “Is ICON (ICX) too Big to Fail?”

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February 10, 2018

ICON (ICX) Plays Iconic Role

ICON (ICX) –  ICX is getting hype and that is due to the fact that it is a decentralized crypto currency that interconnects the world. Increased connectivity is the way of the future. Hyper-connection is done so by connecting major crypto currencies together along with private blockchains in order that they may co-exist in one … Continue reading “ICON (ICX) Plays Iconic Role”

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