• BTC 11,373.47$ (4.12)
  • ETH 309.39$ (0.3)
  • XRP 0.47$ (0.97)
  • LTC 132.74$ (-0.68)
  • XMR 113.04$ (-3.87)

Tag: litepay currency

March 6, 2018

Status (SNT) Looking to Kickstart the Decentralized Web Revolution

Status (SNT) – The crypto currency market seems to be lifting itself up from January’s bloody dip. Exchanges continue to earn billions while companies like IBM and Toyota are publicly invested in blockchain’s technology. Mobile Ethereum client, Status (SNT) is a tunnel to the decentralized web that is up over 13% in the past 24 hours with … Continue reading “Status (SNT) Looking to Kickstart the Decentralized Web Revolution”

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March 6, 2018

Electroneum (ETN) – New Mining App Set for Mass Adoption

Electroneum (ETN) – plans to be a mass adopted cryptocurrency long term and most definitely is advanced enough to maintain a strong position in the market. Releasing a new app today, Electroneum allows users of smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies on their phone or tablet. This new service can exponentially increase the cryptocurrencies price and is … Continue reading “Electroneum (ETN) – New Mining App Set for Mass Adoption”

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Litecoin LTC Grow 2018
March 4, 2018

3 Ways Litecoin (LTC) will Grow in 2018

Further Recognition for Litecoin Utility We’re not the first media outlet to point out the state of cryptocurrency: there is growing unrest, uncertainty and frustration surrounding the entire industry. Despite the price drop/stagnation over the last three months, the industry is attempting to find its place as a technology that has promised innovation, but thus … Continue reading “3 Ways Litecoin (LTC) will Grow in 2018”

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