• BTC 10,146.43$ (-2.15)
  • ETH 189.97$ (-1.5)
  • XRP 0.27$ (-1.42)
  • LTC 73.34$ (-1.67)
  • XMR 80.52$ (-0.87)

Tag: Public Interest

March 14, 2018

Binance Coin (BNB) – Price is Surging

Binance Coin (BNB) – With over $6 billion in assets traded in an average 24 hour period Binance is currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance even set a record in mid January when 240,000 users signed up for the exchange in just an hour. With intense growth like this it is no surprise that … Continue reading “Binance Coin (BNB) – Price is Surging”

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March 11, 2018

Binance Secures Accounts During Smoke Loader Cryptojack

While speculations of attack on Binance generated waves of criticism this week, a lot of observers who understand hacking do not doubt the possibility until Binance disproved the information, saying everything is under control. Another source has it that those who attempted hacking into people’s account lost their coins while trying to do so. Either … Continue reading “Binance Secures Accounts During Smoke Loader Cryptojack”

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March 9, 2018

If you think Mt. Gox and Binance Hack caused this dip you’re wrong – Here’s why

Lately, in the crypto-verse a lot of FUD has been spread around about this latest dip being caused by the Binance hack where the perpetrators tried to manipulate one market which led to Binance shutting down withdrawals. After this situation was handled no users lost funds and the perpetrators lost their coins in the process. … Continue reading “If you think Mt. Gox and Binance Hack caused this dip you’re wrong – Here’s why”

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