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The Next Ripple – brings the “Uber” Gig Economy to the Blockchain

It is not often that one gets a chance to ride a bolt of lightning like the stunning rise of Ripple from obscurity to $10 billion market cap. For holders of Ripple from release that rise is now just over 50x the original investment. To put another way, $500 invested in Ripple (XRP) at launch is now worth $25000. We should all be so lucky.

The gig economy is a phrase thrown around and reference the temp job market or as Uber has coined – the side hustle. We now have commercials about side hustles or ways to make money outside of our “real job” like driving for Uber or Lyft. While year end numbers are not yet released, Uber is expected to have near 3 million side-hustle drivers world-wide by years end.

It is not often we hear about the next Amazon or the next Microsoft. The next Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) or the next Ripple (XRP) but offers a chance to say just that. is looking to use Ethereum blockchain technology to do for the gig economy what Uber has done taxi economy. It has already launched a smooth looking app on the Applestore and Playstore which anyone can view. It has been tested in Europe for three months successfully (per the company, details not available). And in just 3 days after launch of the Initial Coin Offering it has raised nearly $1 million to propel the launch.

What is

Imagine you are looking to raise some extra money without committing to a full second job. What if there was a geolocating app that would let you set up a profile including skills and jobs you were qualified to perform? By setting up an account it would take you to a map with local jobs looking for “jobbers”. You could view the jobs and specific terms and pay for each job and choose which jobs you were interested in performing. The poster could then hire you to complete the job and when completed you were paid automatically to a digital wallet per the terms of the contract. No muss, no fuss, no HR department. No Bill Lumbergh telling you to work the weekend.

Or maybe you need a babysitter, the car washed, or maybe someone to mow the lawn. You want to pay a certain amount and don’t want to chance finding a babysitter from Craigslist. allows you to post the job for jobbers to apply to. You can read reviews from previous jobs and agree to a contract all in the app. When the job is complete, funds are released automatically so no worries about having cash on hand.

The App

For the apple fans, sorry, I use Android so I cannot say what the Apple version looks like but I assume it is very similar.

App still in Demo mode

Lots of new blockchain companies launch ICOs everyday without a glimpse of the actual product. has a real app already on the App store and Playstore which we got a chance to play with for this article. The links above are to the actual app so you can check it out and contain no affiliate links and we get no compensation if you download the free app. Downloading the app first presents this screen to the right. The app is for demo purposes and is not functioning in most markets. Please don’t hire Tim who seems to be in all the job listings.

From the app you can see the menu but the coolest feature is the map which looks great and even has a day or night feature which dims the map based on time of day. It works by geo locating the user via phone location or allowing search by city, landmark, or other feature to center the map.

Once centered on the desired location the available jobs populate and you can select each job to get further details. There are jobs populating in the demo app but the jobs are not real and cannot be booked. Some of the sample jobs listed are babysitting, car wash, gardening, and personal trainer.

A Search for Times Square

The Initial Coin Offering ICO for

You did not come here though to download and play with an app although it is a very nice app for just launched. The Initial Coin Offering is the earliest one can participate in raising funds to help a company launch a product in the new blockchain business economy. uses a coin called CJT or Connect Job Token. Launched December 1, 2017 ICO has already raised over $900,000 in 3 days. They have a real time tracker at the ICO link with details if you are interested in investing. In full interest of disclosure, we get zero money from any investment in and are not part of any bounty program. All details for the ICO are available at the ICO link with information on discounts for the earliest investors.

The Launch

Found this Apple version screen shot online.

With the app already in demo mode the developers are already looking forward to the launch of the real app to major markets. London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro are the set first launch cities and together make up markets over 100 million people. Paris, London and New York are palnned for 2018 and should give a clear indication of how successful could be going forward. They have lofty goals to have 20 million monthly users in the next 5 years which they lay out in the whitepaper.

The website has all the typical links to the App, the whitepaper, roadmap and the ICO. Missing from the website though is the new thread on bitcointalk which has not had much interest yet. As the coin just launched we expect it to get busier in the coming says. We an unsure if that is the official thread or not as it leads with a sponsored article which we are not affiliated with.


The next Amazon, microsoft, Ripple (XRP) or Litecoin (LTC) is hard to predict. IOTA is up over 40% in just the last day, 400% in the last month and now sits at #5 on coin market cap at $6 billion. Like Ripple, IOTA is working to revolutionize legacy systems with the blockchain to improve supply chain management, capital management, customer service, and increased productivity. Uber is private and hard to value but it is rumored to be worth $51 billion and only focuses on the Taxi market. Imagine the value of a company that focuses on ever other “side-hustle” type job. In that sense could be the next Ripple (XRP), Uber, Litecoin (LTC), or Microsoft. Check out the ICO, the App (apple or android) and most important do your own research.