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Tron (TRX) To Be Issued With Fiat Currency In Mongolia

Tron (TRX) has gotten a new development in the crypto space as IDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia will be listing the altcoin on its platform for trading and soon, the exchange will be issuing cryptocurrencies with fiat currency in the country.

This was made known in a tweet issued by Justin Sun, Creator of Tron.

#TRON #TRX will be listed on @IDAX11 the first Mongolian licensed Exchange”.

IDAX, according to the statement issued on Tron’s Medium page, is the Mongolian National Team Exchange.

“Created by GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center), IDAX ( is the Mongolian National Team Exchange, which already obtained the authorization of the Mongolian National Assembly Parliament and the cryptocurrency exchange license issued by central bank, thus becoming the first licensed exchange in Mongolia”.

The statement further added that the Mongolian Cryptocurrency exchange will soon liaise with the central bank of the country for it to be able to issue cryptocoins with fiat.

“Soon IDAX will cooperate with the Central Bank of Mongolia to issue cryptocurrency with fiat rivets. The exchange currently ranks 20th in the world”.

Since Tron will be listed on the Cryptocurrency exchange, and IDAX remains the Mongolian National Team Exchange, there is a possibility that IDAX will get the license and it will be issuing Tron with fiat currency in the country. And if this happens, it will be a massive development for the Cryptocurrency world and more importantly Tron.

Tron Representative Election Gets More Supports.

The representative election of Tron has been out for some time now and it will still be on after the mainnet launch. While the election is still yet to be concluded, different companies are contesting in the election.

Tron Takes 9th Position, Give IOTA More Space On The Table.

Tron took the ninth position yesterday from IOTA in the table after it had gained more  than any other top ten Cryptocurrency in the table.

This never came to be a surprise since it is not the first time it will be attaining the position. But the most surprising thing is that since the altcoin took the position yesterday, it continues to display more strength, giving IOTA which is on the 10th position more gap and tough time.

This may be one of the dreams of Justin sun, since it earlier aired that the cryptocurrency is aiming for the first 6th position in the table.

“The path is set for a top six of TRX in the near future, such a feat would be accomplished in a manner similar to what happened on January 5. But this time TRX will permanently hold its position at the top”.


Niyi Adejare is a cryptocurrency analyst. He has written may articles on cryptocurrency, technology, and personal development.