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VeChain Main Net and Long Term Expectations

VeChain enthusiasts are already familiar with the crypto’s primary goals, and they already know what to expect from the coin. On the other hand, investors who are new to the industry or VeChain should know a thing or two about the crypto before deciding whether to invest in it or not.

The launch of the MainNet doesn’t have a definitive date set

Even if we were told that the launch of its Main Net if June 30, it’s important to note that this is not a definitive date. If there are bugs in the network’s code which put users’ security in danger, then the foundation might decide to push the date of the Main Net launch.

Move your VeChain ERC-20 tokens to the VeChain official wallet

The foundation announced some time durations leading up to Main Net for various node tiers. Authority Nodes will have to send their VET soon to certain locations. If you don’t follow the foundation’s instructions, you could lose out on earning VTHO by delaying the movement of your VET ERC-20 tokens. The best way to remain informed is to subscribe to the VeChain foundation Twitter account.

ERC-20 VEN will equal 100 VET after Main Net launch

An enthusiast VeChain Redditor explains that “after your ERC-20 tokens are transferred to a VeChain official wallet. Multiply your holdings by 100. If you have 100 VEN, you now have 10,000 VET. The price of VET will be 1/100 the market price at MainNet, but this may not be reflected right away on CoinMarketCap. So, $4.00 VEN will be $0.04 VET. Lastly, VTHO accumulation, like VEN – to – VET transfer is multiplied by 100. If you calculated you would earn 1 VTHO a day per VEN supply, you will, at Main Net, earn 100 VTHO a day per VET supply.”

Closing words

Crypto space experts tell us to expect a price drop after the Main Net’s launch, but we don’t have to feel discouraged by it. The company is doing everything to deliver all expectations of a startup and also the regulatory environment in which it has been operating. For the moment, VeChain is well-positioned, and it will do fine in the long term.


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