Why Is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) a Safe Bet?

As spring has arrived this year, we noticed that the cryptocurrency markets started to rebound when it comes to their value. However, one special currency, called the Bitcoin Cash, has been rising more and more. Many traders and proponents of this coin believe that there are plenty of innovations in store for those interested in it. But let’s see a couple of reasons why this is a safe bet for 2018.

  1. It’s the Closest to Satoshi’s Vision

If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency market, you might be familiar with the original whitepaper devised by Satoshi Nakamoto. Fans of this currency claim that the BCH chain will be scaled for the entire planet so that anyone can use the cryptocurrency for low fees.

  1. Plenty of Features

There are plenty of attributes that separate the BCH option, as opposed to the BTC sibling. For example, on May 15 there are going to be some network upgrades. They will allow users to make a block out of a vast amount of transaction, which allows more on-chain activity. As such, there will be no quarrels over what transactions are ‘spam’. The upgrade will also add some new operating codes, as well as scripting abilities.

  1. Low Fees

As we mentioned at point 1, BCH plans to keep the fees as low as possible. With an improved scaling, the platform claims their fees will always stay low. For example, on April 20, 2018, the Bitcoin Core fee was $0.20 cents per transaction. However, the BCH fee was $0.0028, which is less than a third of an American penny.

  1. A Large Community

Finally, the last argument for which Bitcoin Cash is a safe bet is the fact that there is a huge grassroots community built around it. Similar to the BTC chain, the BCH is bringing together plenty of worldwide supporters.

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