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XMRWallet was launched, and it is the first wallet that can be used to make transactions with Monero instantly. The launch came together with an announcement that lists its features that are designed to provide benefits for the community. The XMRwallet introduces enhanced features that include faster transactions, client-side operations, and complete privacy and security.

XMRwallet gained lots of attention and great feedback from the community primarily due to its new features such as excellent user design, support for ten languages and the ability to send the maximum amount.

Monero is decentralized and operated by a user network

Monero is run by a user network, and it’s decentralized. All the trades on the network are confirmed via distributed consensus. Similarly to other cryptos, the transaction data gets recorded immutably on the blockchain. With Monero, users don’t have to get involved with any third-parties in order to keep their cryptos safe. Unlike some leading cryptos, the Monero blockchain adds more privacy to users by obfuscating all receiving/sending addresses and transaction amounts. Nobody will be able to link the Monero blockchain to a particular user or make real-world identity matches.

Monero’s ecosystem uses stealth address, ring signature, and confidential transactions to hide the destinations, origins and also amounts of all the deals.

Key features of the XMRwallet

Here are the main features that users will benefit from while using the XMRWallet:

  • It’s fully client-side.
  • Users will benefit from instant account creation.
  • Via the wallet, users will be able to make fast transactions.
  • The wallet supports multiple languages.
  • It’s compatible with MyMonero seed and the original Monero seed.
  • There’s no transaction import required, and it has a visible height synchronization.
  • Users will also benefit from XMR/USD balance view and auto updates.
  • The max function is available on send page.
  • There’s also multiple seed access in the new tab.
  • There’s no need for any registration or logs.

New and more advanced features will be added in the XMRWallet and those which are currently in development include seamless access to coins on branched chains such as Monero Classic (XMC), Monero Original (XMO) and MoneroV (XMV), along with a Twitter account for live updates.


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